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The Red Raspberries do have thorns. However, a careful  picker should have no problems.
What are the procedures for picking berries?
You may bring your own containers. We suggest  a plastic bowl or container that can be fitted with a string through 2 holes. This can then be placed over your head and you can have both hands for picking.
You can get containers with strings from us at the stand. (see picture)
Our hanging container
Pint basket
1 pt. = 2 cups
How do I get to the blackberry and raspberry patch?
Upon entering Keith's Farm, you will see numerous signs with arrows showing the way to the farmstand. The parking lot has ample space for all types of vehicles and easy turn around.
Exit Signs are posted to help you safely leave to Main Street. Drive slowly on the farm roads and watch out for children who may wander into the pathways.
How are the u-pick fruits priced?
They are weighed at the stand and priced by the pound.
We suggest using sunscreen out in the fields and wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking. These berries are very fragile.  Children MUST be accompanied by an adult.
Please be advised that Honey bees love the pollen in the red raspberries and the blackberries. 
Due to the high volume of activity, we strongly suggest that you do not bring young children into the patch.   The bees will not be aggressive unless you try swatting at them., they will be busy working through the berries.
The Blackberries are thornless. 
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Blackberries on vine
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